Tuplebits List.Make™

Tuplebits List.Make™ features:

  • ** Standard Features ***
  • ⤇ Create and manage multiple custom shopping or to do lists list items
  • ⤇ Support for voice commands (Speech Recognizer) for adding items into your list
  • ⤇ Templates with over 1000+ items, including:
  • ⤇ Free access to built-in grocery list template with over 500+ items grouped into categoriesy
  • ⤇ Free access to built-in shopping mall template with over 300+ items grouped into categories
  • ⤇ Free access to built-in work out template with over 200+ items grouped into categories
  • ⤇ Recent list to ease access for items recently added into your shopping, grocery or work out lists
  • ⤇ List Share – Allows to share grocery, shopping or exercise lists by text or email with your friends or family
  • ⤇ Color themes
  • ⤇ Wearable version of the app including each of the following features:
  • ⤇ Data synchronization for unlimited number of records in your list
  • ⤇ Offline copy of your active list on your wearable device. Unlike in some other apps we offer always accessible list on your wearable without being paired to your handheld!
  • *** Pro Features *** 
  • ⤇ Disable In-App Advertisements
  • ⤇ Data Backup ⤇ Free Upgrades
  • ⤇ Custom templates - a unique feature that allows you creating your own template(s) for all your needs 
  • ⤇ Priority Support & Missing Feature Request - allows you not only to obtain support when you need it, but also submit a request for adding new features. We carefully evaluate request from our users in include valuable features into application road map