TB List.Make™

You can now have all your notes and lists at your fingertips!

Simple and feature packed smart phone application that delivers unique experience of accessing and customizing your shopping lists and more even without typing list items on your phone.


  • You can now have your audio records (notes) at your fingertips!
  • Easy to use mobile application that provides a set of unique features for recording  and managing audio notes.  Allows  recording your notes with one click.

9 Moves

 9 Moves™ is very entertaining strategy ball game that is designed for everyone. You can play this game anywhere - on the go, at home or whenever you will have a minute. Key objective of this game is to come up with a strategy for quickly moving each of the nine balls from one side of a screen to another, without hitting flying objects on the way..

About us

Tuplebits® is a new startup focused on developing mobile apps and games. Tuplebits was founded in 2015 in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA and conducts all operations including design and development activities in the U.S.

 Tuplebit’s mission is to deliver intelligent and easy to use mobile & games applications that can be always available at your fingertips . Contact us here